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Reynolds Motor Machine Inc.

Once Heads are assembled we vacuum test the valves to assure a proper sealing. We can also adjust  valves on shim style over head cam heads.


Cylinder Heads are disassembled and assembled  in our Sunnen work station.  

We do all of our valve jobs on our state of the art Sunnen VGS 20 valve seat cutter for the most accurate three angel valve job possible. 

Cylinders are Bored on our Kwik-Way Boring Bar and then Honed in a Peterson Power Hone.


We use our Peterson 300/900 surface to surface Heads and to deck Blocks.


Cylinder Head  Pressure Testing is an important part of any cylinder head process. Pressure Testing a Cylinder Head before having work done can save you money by checking for cracks in the casting and also test valves for leakage.

Check out the video below.